Back Pain

We believe that the key to maintaining a healthier back is to maintain the natural curves of the spine. Your practitioner can advise on how to achieve this and give you simple exercises to improve your core strength.

Roughly 8 out of 10 people in the UK are affected by back pain at some point in their lives.

Many of our clients are often seeking relief from lower back pain. If you have back pain, you could be experiencing anything from a general tightness, restriction of movement or stiffness in this area, to a constant dull ache or more severe pain.

An accumulation of body stress in the lower back can be caused by poor posture, incorrect lifting, trips and falls, standing or driving for long periods, twisting and bending in one movement or repetitive exercises which can overstrain the muscles.

Body stress in the lower back can also affect the nerve pathways to the abdomen, hips, groin, legs, knees and feet and potentially cause pain or discomfort in any of these areas. Impact on the nerve supply to the internal organs may contribute to problems with the digestive system, bladder or reproductive system.

An ache between your shoulder blades or a stabbing pain that intensifies when you take a deep breath are often also associated with body stress in the lower back, ribs or diaphragm. Releasing body stress in these areas can reduce the pressure on the nerve pathways and allow the body to function more normally. Many clients report that their symptoms improve or disappear altogether after their BSR sessions.