Sports and fitness

By releasing stored tension with regular Body Stress Release sessions, you’ll aid your body in its recovery and assist it towards the prevention of injuries by limiting the accumulation of stored body stress.

Many athletes and sports enthusiasts have said that BSR has helped enhance their performance – from golfers to runners and swimmers to yogis.

The old saying ‘no pain, no gain’ has long been discredited. Pain is actually a warning sign that you’re pushing yourself beyond your limit and into overload. Listen to your body and accept that you might need a break.

Your back, for instance, might feel looser after you’ve exerted yourself, but other problems can arise like tight hamstrings or painful/unstable knees.

When body stress is present in the lower back, any exercises which reverse the natural curve of the lumbar spine should be avoided, e.g. repeated toe-touches or sit-ups. When body stress is present elsewhere, the deep muscles enter a protective state which can disturb the nerve supply to the legs and even your digestive system.