Owen – Strongly Recommended

After years of suffering due to a compressed nerve in my neck, which was having a increasingly negative effect all over my body, I was recommended to try Body Stress Release after pretty much everything else out there and I am now slowly getting better.

Body Stress Release just works, and the effect is cumulative so a far better alternative to endless physio or chiropractic sessions that only have short term benefits. I have been going to Nichola for over a year now, she is extremely welcoming and has been very accommodating. I always look forward to my next appointment with her.


I had my first session with Body Stress Release Sandbach today and felt brilliant afterwards. I suffer with headaches daily and have booked in for regular sessions to relieve this.

I feel much lighter and my headache has reduced. Thank you Nichola.



I had my first Body Stress Release session yesterday and it was an amazing experience. Releasing tension in my back and neck in such a calm and relaxing way.

Allowing my body to heal today ready for my second session on Monday. Already feeling the benefits this morning getting out of bed. Highly recommend you see Nichola.


Over the past 5 weeks I have had 4 session of Body Stress Release with Nichola, before I had these sessions, I felt like I needed support for my body physically as it tired easily and I experience migrating pain through out my body. The first two sessions felt deeply healing I slept so well after them for a couple of days and it was really deep healing sleep.

The third and fourth session I felt made me feel lighter and have more energy. Nichola is very professional and caring and I highly recommend having these sessions if you need physical healing.

They seem to heal on different levels and have left me feeling lighter and more at ease in my body. I will definitely be having further sessions with her.

Lesley – Chronic Sinus Pain

For years I had a lot of pain from sinus creating chronic headaches and stress.

The pain and headache was so bad my doctor made me an appointment for an operation.

One day though, I remembered Body Stress Release. Years ago, I used to visit Matt Larkin in Pickering, before he moved to Stroud. It was a ten hour return trip to go to Stroud so I looked online and I found that Nichola Friel was my nearest therapist although I did have to travel from Pickering in N.Yorks to Sandbach making it a five hour round trip.

I did think it was worth it though as a few months later I told my doctor I was cancelling the operation as the symptoms had vanished and I have been free of pain and headaches for five months although I do have a Release every now and then to keep me cleared.

Laura – A Lovely Relaxing Therapy!

A lovely relaxing therapy. Nichola puts you at ease and works gently, to release all the tension in your body.

Recommended for mental health issues as well as physical injuries!

Paula – Best Medicine Ever!!

After spending months in pain all over my body from suspected fibromyalgia caused by stress, my Husband found this online, Doctors were giving me all these different pills & none were working. I booked an appointment with Nichola & have never looked back.

I was sceptical at first but over the last 6 weeks I’ve gone from leaving the house 3 times a week to almost daily. The pains in my legs have reduced & I’m sleeping much better. Would highly recommend, it doesn’t hurt & it’s very relaxing.

Nichola is a lovely person who will make you feel at ease and very welcome. It’s natural and not filling your body with cancer causing chemicals like pills!


This worked very well for me. I had a neck fusion as i suffer from degeneration of the spine. A few months back the pain started to return due to further disc collapse.

This was aggravated by back and neck muscle stress. A couple of sessions with Nichola and the pain was gone. I now see her once a month for management and no further issues! Highly recommended