The causes of body stress


Every day we are exposed to an onslaught of Emotional, Mechanical and Chemical Stresses.
Mental stress factors include fear of the future, financial worries, competition in the work place or even disintegrating family relationships. We can also undergo milder but on-going forms of mental strain, e.g. anxiety, depression and resentment.
We may become aware of the physical effect of emotional pressures, as the diaphragm, jaw, neck and shoulders tighten in a defensive posture, to armour us against the onslaught of life’s stresses.


The body is designed to withstand a certain amount of physical force – bumps, jerks and falls, but if the mechanical stress goes beyond the body’s limit of adaptability, the effects may become stored as body stress. The causes may be sudden and violent, such as a car accident, a severe fall, or lifting a heavy object incorrectly. Or, there may be a gradual accumulation of milder mechanical stress, e.g. habitually sitting incorrectly, or doing inappropriate exercises.

Is body stress holding you back from performing to the best of your ability, be it at work or at your favourite sport?


The sources of chemical stress may include pollutants in the air, insecticides and certain food additives, preservatives, colorant and artificial growth hormones. Harmful chemicals may be consumed, inhaled, or even absorbed when coming into contact with the skin. Examples of chemical stress may be severe headaches and nausea, to name but two.

We should avoid exposure to harmful substances by minimising skin contact and being careful not to inhale sprays.