Men’s health

Over the last three decades, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of men coming for Body Stress Release. In the past, men typically paid less attention to their health than women. Thankfully these days men feel more able to seek help when needed.

Obviously, men are affected by many of the same illnesses, aches and pains as their female counterparts – although there are also some male-specific issues such as those related to the prostate.

Body stress in the lower back, coccyx and pelvic areas can affect nerve supply to the bladder, and may contribute to frequent urination, incontinence, enuresis or even cystitis. Problems with genital or rectal pain and sexual function may be affected by body stress.

Stress can contribute to many of the common health problems we experience, so an assessment for stored stress or tension can help keep your body functioning at its best – regardless of gender.